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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bali Trip on April

at Finn's Beach Club, Uluwatu

Fun time with Katimbangs

Tanah Lot,Bali

There'll always reasons to go back to Bali

Hongkong Shenzen Macau pics

Avenue of the Stars

Hong Kong State of Mind

Symphony of The Lights

Kowloon / Tsim Tsa Tsui

Ngong Ping

Snowboarding in Shenzen

Cathedral in Macau

St Paul Ruins in Macau

Hongkong - Shenzen - Macau Trip

Hong Kong...here we go!
i travelled to this country last April. Weather is still chilly,lil bit rain and sunny.
so far, this is the most far place i've been.

i stayed in Urban Pack Hostel. and..its's amazing!!! Its the most live hostel i've been. People are amazing,owner are amazing...most unforgettable hostel experience.
But of course this is hong kong...every place is tiny. At first, i felt claustrophobic, but you'll get to used it.

Places i went while i'm in

Hong Kong

Avenue of The Stars
Disneyland Hong Kong
Ngong Ping 360
Sha Tin Mall
The Peak
Lan Kwai Fong


Window of The World
Ice World (ice skating / indoor snowboard/ski inside WoW)
Dong Men Shopping


The Ruins of St Paul
Largo Senado
Grand Lisboa

Yes its all main tourist destination :) but hey! i am a tourist

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Simpsons : Tapped Out

I'm so addicted to this game...i cant even...

Lombok - Gili Trawangan

So this February 2014 ...
things just stressed me out, esp Jakarta's never ending flood, so i packed my bag and try to go to Lombok
since i just heard some people talking how beautiful is Gili Island

Buy ticket (Lion Air) ... checked
Booked Trawangan Dive Centre Hotel...checked
Booked car driver ... Koko Driver (0819 977 00444 / 0812 39470242) *recommended*
(since from airport to Bangsal Harbour is 2,5 hours)

Ok, so February...weather is nice, sometimes rain,but not too hot and not rainy much
the water in Gili Trawangan (or any Gili Island) are just... amazing, its clear, no waves, and you might find fishes in just 2 meter from beach.

Stays in Gili Trawangan, its quite packed, café(s), bar(s), restaurant(s) but hey! i dont mind, i am solo travellers, so i like to meet new people. I checked Gili Meno and Gili Air (the neighbours island), they are also good but too silent and quite for me.

As in Gili Island they prohibited any motor-cycle types on land, so everywhere you go, if its not by foot...then rent a bicycle. I LOVE IT

What i did on the island ? beach - tanning - swimming - snorkeling - eat - tanning - cycle around island its all about beach beach beach (oh! and i try surf paddle board, failed miserabilly)

As still an indonesian, food prices are kindda high, probably because we are in island, and of course i feel like in overseas as all in there are caucasian tourist.

Malimbu, Lombok

Snorkelling in the middle of some Gili Islands

Morning sun in Gili Trawangan

Somewhere in Gili Air

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Pieces of 2013 , Part 7, Pets!!!


my albino hedgehog

Kira Tsunami
Well its Leni's...
goddbye to Jollie / Jolly the husky...bet she's happy with new owner that stays in Puncak
and welcome Kira, this lil american pit bull terrier.
So 2 bull type dogs in one house! Crazy

Pieces of 2013, Part 6, Royal Heritage Festival, Monas - Portugal

Royal Heritage Festival, Monas
for Portugal

I'm happy that we took this event! Getting to know more about Portugal !!!

Pieces of 2013, Part 5 , Java Soul Nation 2013

Java Soul Nation 2013

i went 3 straight days for this event
saw a lots of performances...but this 2 musician below, definitely marks my year

Go Chic
Defnitely this is my new idol... love em very much!!

Far East Movement
Never expect that their live was ssoooo aaahhmaaahhzinngggg
i cant stop dancing, they're dope!!

Pieces of 2013, Part 4, Sumo

One of my bucket list...watching Sumo match...live
and fortunately, dont have to go far to Japan...

and i love it! one the best thing happen to my life!

(Tthe pics are not mine)

Pieces of 2013, Part 3, Bangkok

Spend my november birthday month, to Singapore and Bangkok
Thailand was not on my radar before, but damn! i have a blast on there...i love it, and i might comeback for more

My bday bash with 4Seasons Girls...
might be change for 2014 though... some of us will move somewhere with her hubby.

in Calypso Theater

in Grand Palace

Wat Pho, the sleeping buddha temple

Wat Arun

Madame Tussaud, Bangkok

Busy night of Khao San

Pieces of 2013, Part 2, Pelangi Island

For Leni's birthday this year
we celebrate is on Pelangi island, Thosand Islands of Jakarta

for 2D1N, Rp.1.500.000/person
include everything...but need to add up a bit for snorkling gear

it was tottally happy time

The boats we use from Marina, Ancol

The beach

It's me chillin' on the deck...get tanned....get wet...

Pieces of 2013 - Part 1, Singapore

Again, i left this blog...
so hard dawg.. too many social media
facebook, twitter, instagram, path...etc etc

But well i want to summarize whats my pieces of 2013

Singapore 2013

I went to Singapore for 2x...still the best convinient country i ever been
these just the headlines of my 2 trips in Singapore, in different time (September and November 2013)

This was when i went to NGC's exhibition on Marina's Art & Science Museum

Those infamous eyes :)

Finally!! i saw real panda...so cute!! (Singapore's River Safari)

Chinese & Japanese Garden
Its been so long i wanna go around on this place, yet finally...after 3 times in Singapore

Garden By The Bay
Again,sadly this time only at night... i saw this beautiful garden pilars, which reminds me of some sci-fi movies
but actually i wanna know what's inside the garden at day. Perhaps, next time doe!?

Marina Bay Sands, at night

Jellyfish tanks, at S.E.A Aquarium, Sentosa

Chistmas Feelings on Orchard Road, Singapore

Catching up Bolshoi Balet on Esplanade Teather...best !!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Concert part II

MIKA Concert in Jakarta :)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Live in Jakarta, Love Garage

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Concert!!! - Part 1

Big Sound Festival 2013

Tegan & Sara, Temper Trap and Blur

Love alll thesseee mommmmeenntt!!!

Photos by Phiter