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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Throwback 2014 - Belitung Island

According to this blog,last posting about my activity was Summer 2014.
Ok then, let me try to remember what have i done after almost past 1 year. Especially on traveling area.

So much going on in the year 2014. it was lovely year, i had a travel record that i went to 13 places in 12 months. i felt like a rockstar having concert tour ha ha ha

let me try to see what happened after Summer 2014, after Bali trip... ah! Belitung Island!
i went to Belitung Island around August 2014.
Went to Belitung with my bff, Nita & her family. i forgot for how long was the trip, but it was a lovely summer holiday.
I stayed on Aston Hotel Belitung. i remembered it was like Rp. 700.000-ish /night, but i have to admit, its very nice hotel, with best service, best view, and easy to reach everywhere. Also, since my friend was bringing toddler, so it must be child friendly also.

We took Sriwijaya Air for the plane...if i'm not wrong, its about Rp 1,2 million ish. As a city person...i never experience an airport that small, but its clean and safe hahaha.

The Belitung's airport was so small, i felt like when we arrive, the plane lane was like in Jurrasic Park's movie scene. ( Again, pardon me, as i'm st00pid city people)
Overall, what i like in Belitung. Nice and cheap food. Lovely beach, so tranquil, quite and lovely. Nice people! and nice food (yes i wrote again about food)

on Airplane...our code name : Keluarga Cemara HA HA HA HA

Tanjung Tinggi beach the transportation in here, was we rent a driver and car for 2-3days. There's no taxi or public transportation i believe (i dont know now) So we went to Tanjung Tinggi beach on afternoon. its a public beach, but that time, it was only several people, so we felt like private beach. There's hotel across the beach, Lorin Beach Resort.

Sunset on Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Snorkeling on Tanjung Tinggi Beach
The Famous Lighthouse

Island hopping

Another snorkeling days

What's inside the underwater. I have to admit, its not the best scene i ever see, but its still nice for snorkeling and swimming. The water in here is not as clear as east indonesia, but still relaxing. The water is realtively calm.

The infinity pool in Aston, Belitung

This is not a photoshop edit

Lost long blog

This blog...definitely like my long lost blog ha ha ha ha i still try to write okay~ Too much going on, too much distraction ha ha ha i'll still update this blog one by one

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Singapore - Malaysia - Bali 2014 (Summer Part 1)

So went to Singapore again, actually as supporting friend who did IVF Baby making in Singapore
ended up i became just tourist, and went to Johor Baru to visit Legoland

Ok...again i went to Marina Art & Science Museum
i saw Dinosaur exhibition and Annie Leibovits's photography work

i shed tears to see Annie's pic...its just beautiful art. Beautiful art that made my cry, i can understand the emotion within'

Then, i ate in Lotteria, mozarella bar in Duxton Hill... The best mac and cheese i ever had in this world...like seriously

Then manage to go to Johor Baru, Malaysia by tour to visit Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

two word....hot and dry hahahaha
i went to Legoland, just to collect the theme park i ever visit. Its was mediocre ok. Maybe if i were 7-10years old i'll be in paradise. i am avid lego player (in fact i still play lego till i was 17years old)
i went to Legoland with Lia. i tell ya, it is small theme park, i might can finished the games on 1/2 day, but it took longer because it was summer and its tooooooo hottttt.

i played not much games, because not much game to play (there's age restriction, and yes i am too old HAHA) but its cute...again, if u are lego's fans as i am...you will love it


back to bali....for surfing lesson. Thank you Vasco~~ my boss's hubby who is also surfer, and + - he made me wanna try surf. Its is hard.....but fun.

of course more than that i'll go around beaches in bali, shopping and eat! La Dolce Vita



In the middle of Duxton Hill

Sebastian Salgado's exhibition


One of Legoland's mini rollercoaster

Bali's Beach....beach....beach
Uluwatu Temple
Bali's Sunset
Surf Time!! With Discovery Surf

2NE1 All or Nothing, June 2014, Jakarta

i always like 2NE1 since 2010
i am not avid kpop lover though, but i like them. Their songs just never failed me, their song always on my playlist for whatever reason.

So....after so many cancellation, finally they were coming to Jakarta. I didn't even buy the ticket instantly, just because...again, not very avid fans

But there i am, watching the concert...and i had blast!
i went home and become like...real BLACKJACKS !! (their fandom name) HAHAHAHAHAHA

The concert was so great, great lighting, great live show, great dance. i danced hard,and i didnt care with stranger beside me.

and i fell in love with Chaerin Lee...hard, till i dyed my hair 2 days after the concert
and before my fave is Dara....well...still...but....duh! i like OT4 of em!! HAHHAAHAHAHAHAH

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - Long time no see

Dear all!
Happy new year!

Gosh~~ time goes by so fast! again, i neglected the blog and....voila! its another 6 months after ?

i still wanna keep this blog though, even though i feel like once in a blue moon i updated this hahahahahaha

Ok, so many things happen in 6 months after last time i updated. Most of it still in a mission of 'bucket list' eventhough i didnt plan it much! like seriously!

I watched 2NE1 concert, All or Nothing in Jakarta. AWESOME! and FINALLY!! since 2010~~ i know i like em' regularly, then after i saw their concert i become....obssesed hahahahaha

i colored my hair blonde...thank you Chaerin Lee!!

i went to Singapore, Johor Baru and Bali (again)!  i watched Anne Leibovitz's exhibition...and i shamelessly cried, i saw Dinosaur exhibition and just visit friend there. I went to Legoland Malaysia...finally
and Bali....surfing lesson!! and another beach to beach

i went to Belitung. Awesome island! nice beach, and very calm island.

I went to Surabaya, for family reason, not much happening unless its wedding party, and chill with family

i went to Singapore (again) guess for what.....FOR AYUMI HAMASAKI SHOWCASE.... A NATION PREMIUM SHOWCASE..... MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!

i went to Philippines (again)....so much happening in Philippines that...again....i crossed some bucket list

i am so greatful in 2014
mentally...it was rollercoaster....and hellow 30years old!! hHAHAHAHAHAHA
one day i was happy, one day i was depressed so hard

Then 2015 happened.
while i still try to retrieving to write my travel journal.... 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bali Trip on April

at Finn's Beach Club, Uluwatu

Fun time with Katimbangs

Tanah Lot,Bali

There'll always reasons to go back to Bali

Hongkong Shenzen Macau pics

Avenue of the Stars

Hong Kong State of Mind

Symphony of The Lights

Kowloon / Tsim Tsa Tsui

Ngong Ping

Snowboarding in Shenzen

Cathedral in Macau

St Paul Ruins in Macau

Hongkong - Shenzen - Macau Trip

Hong Kong...here we go!
i travelled to this country last April. Weather is still chilly,lil bit rain and sunny.
so far, this is the most far place i've been.

i stayed in Urban Pack Hostel. and..its's amazing!!! Its the most live hostel i've been. People are amazing,owner are amazing...most unforgettable hostel experience.
But of course this is hong kong...every place is tiny. At first, i felt claustrophobic, but you'll get to used it.

Places i went while i'm in

Hong Kong

Avenue of The Stars
Disneyland Hong Kong
Ngong Ping 360
Sha Tin Mall
The Peak
Lan Kwai Fong


Window of The World
Ice World (ice skating / indoor snowboard/ski inside WoW)
Dong Men Shopping


The Ruins of St Paul
Largo Senado
Grand Lisboa

Yes its all main tourist destination :) but hey! i am a tourist

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Simpsons : Tapped Out

I'm so addicted to this game...i cant even...

Lombok - Gili Trawangan

So this February 2014 ...
things just stressed me out, esp Jakarta's never ending flood, so i packed my bag and try to go to Lombok
since i just heard some people talking how beautiful is Gili Island

Buy ticket (Lion Air) ... checked
Booked Trawangan Dive Centre Hotel...checked
Booked car driver ... Koko Driver (0819 977 00444 / 0812 39470242) *recommended*
(since from airport to Bangsal Harbour is 2,5 hours)

Ok, so February...weather is nice, sometimes rain,but not too hot and not rainy much
the water in Gili Trawangan (or any Gili Island) are just... amazing, its clear, no waves, and you might find fishes in just 2 meter from beach.

Stays in Gili Trawangan, its quite packed, café(s), bar(s), restaurant(s) but hey! i dont mind, i am solo travellers, so i like to meet new people. I checked Gili Meno and Gili Air (the neighbours island), they are also good but too silent and quite for me.

As in Gili Island they prohibited any motor-cycle types on land, so everywhere you go, if its not by foot...then rent a bicycle. I LOVE IT

What i did on the island ? beach - tanning - swimming - snorkeling - eat - tanning - cycle around island its all about beach beach beach (oh! and i try surf paddle board, failed miserabilly)

As still an indonesian, food prices are kindda high, probably because we are in island, and of course i feel like in overseas as all in there are caucasian tourist.

Malimbu, Lombok

Snorkelling in the middle of some Gili Islands

Morning sun in Gili Trawangan

Somewhere in Gili Air

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Pieces of 2013 , Part 7, Pets!!!


my albino hedgehog

Kira Tsunami
Well its Leni's...
goddbye to Jollie / Jolly the husky...bet she's happy with new owner that stays in Puncak
and welcome Kira, this lil american pit bull terrier.
So 2 bull type dogs in one house! Crazy

Pieces of 2013, Part 6, Royal Heritage Festival, Monas - Portugal

Royal Heritage Festival, Monas
for Portugal

I'm happy that we took this event! Getting to know more about Portugal !!!

Pieces of 2013, Part 5 , Java Soul Nation 2013

Java Soul Nation 2013

i went 3 straight days for this event
saw a lots of performances...but this 2 musician below, definitely marks my year

Go Chic
Defnitely this is my new idol... love em very much!!

Far East Movement
Never expect that their live was ssoooo aaahhmaaahhzinngggg
i cant stop dancing, they're dope!!

Pieces of 2013, Part 4, Sumo

One of my bucket list...watching Sumo match...live
and fortunately, dont have to go far to Japan...

and i love it! one the best thing happen to my life!

(Tthe pics are not mine)