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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Japan Night 2015 #Throwback

Another concert memories...~

Japan Night 2015

Its been so long i didnt japanese music. But i got opportunity to watch the concert- There was 3 bands from Japan.

Tokyo Ska Paradise, Alexandros and VAMPS.

Again, i am not huge fans of these 3 bands, but~~ as japanese music listener, why not ??


And become nostalgic reunion moment 

Malang - Batu Trip 2015 #throwback

Holidays go local... and i went to Malang, Batu with my friend Evon.

Unexpectedly, IT WAS VERY FUN!!

We did the tourist spots..like Museum Angkut, Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, Songgoritti, food culinary..

The thing was...Malang,Batu was my family weekend outing, back then when i was baby.
Then now, coming back again, as an adult. It feels so nostalgic though

Songgoriti . Same statue

I'm Flying !!!! 
My Childhood Imagination VS When it come true

The youtube video for this~~

Some different activities


Big Bang MADE concert in Jakarta 2015 #throwback

Concert session!!!

Yes i like going to music concert, its the fact
i can go to any music concert that i like, depend on what my mood is. I never classified myself to one main music stream, because....i - just - love - music

These lately years...i am getting into Kpop. They are everywhere, they have attractive package, and i'm not too strangers to kpop. I remember when i was teenage, those moment of H.O.T, S.E.S, FinKl were already in and out in my playlist, of course not that intense because that time, there are no soc med, and limited internet HAHAHAHA

Ok, so...i happened to watch Big Bang concert.
TBH, years ago i did make ugly comment about this boyband. I felt bad, and i'm sorry VIPs...

Years go by, and i found out...hey~~ their music are awesome, their style are awesome, again, this kpop package are complete. So~ back to the concert, this is actually my 1st boyband concert ever. To be honest, yes i do like them, yes i'm curious about them, but to say i'm big fans or VIP (their fan name) ...no i'm not on that level.

Anyway, on the stage, they are really pull everything the best. GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung are really idols. Their stage act are top, their vocals are great. I am really entertained

Even the fact that the promoter was suck. I'm sorry but Big Bang concert in Jakarta was the worst professional concert i ever been. Simple silly error things that happened, but too many errors that so annoying. From there were no working toilet, until the korean staffs yelled and asked us to go inside and ripped our own ticket concert...

Here some pics that i can show you all...

G Dragon y'all!!

Taeyang...Youngbae...such a bae!



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore #throwback 2015

One day, some random articles came to me. Its about the unique hotel in asia, and i felt in love in the first time.

Red-Black-Astronaut-room theme...

So i searched, and  i found that this hotel in Singapore. Not too far!
That time, i was about having holiday in Singapore also. I emailed them, special requesting this room, and they said OK

The price of this hotel? er...around 3 juta rupiah/ night? if i'm not wrong.
But for me...it worth every second i spent in that room.

It feels like u are in your child imagination
(i'm claustrophobic, so def i cant be astronaut)

The Wedding(s) 2015 #throwback

I attended my 1st summer wedding in Uluwatu, Bali.
it was my lovely boss wedding actually. it was my 1st time european wedding also, with the scene in Bali.
to be honest, i experienced the most simple yet romantic wedding ever. This felt like modern fairy tale
i believe if i had my own wedding party, i'll follow this path :)

Happy for you!

Also, on 2015, one of my best cousin also get married in Surabaya. After experienced the most simple, romantic wedding, then i experienced the most luxurious wedding. Different people with different way to spend their happy moment right? 

Happy for you also!

I wish nothing but the best!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

2015, The Goodbyes ??? #throwback

Entering 2015 phase now.
Gosh this #throwback are still lots to tell, but i try to work on in as i remember

i hate goodbyes, but in this life, we cannot avoid the goodbyes. As grown ups as i can be, i always pray that i can be strong enough to deal with goodbyes. 2015, i said goodbyes to so many things. From my fave tv show (Glee), to losing my best friend since she moved, and my lovely boss.

i gained so many new things also...
trying new things, and most probably loving the things that i used to hate....HAHAHAHA
but anyway, lets try to write one by one...

On Feb 2015, i went to Bali and spent time with my close friends who i know, she will moved to UK. It was happy moment :')

i just realize that i think, almost every Feb is my holiday time no?? kkkkkk.....

What else....ah! i had lovely summer wedding...then the luxury wedding (gosh eveybody is married,no?!)
also i experienced one of my bucketlist, i did paragliding..
i'll try to post in one by one! jjang~~~ 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Philippines December 2014 #Throwback

Another #throwback on 2014

Another happy memories! Spending Christmas in Philippines. i have 'extended' family on the Philippines. I am so glad that i knew them. They really really mean so much.

Spending christmas in philippines family is awesome! it so warm feeling.
So many food, so many extended families (tito and tito..tita from a tita...X_X) but its really a warm feeling. i never had those Christmas feelings since...child?

Well, my family moved to Jakarta when i was 6 years old, and we don't go back to Surabaya each year, so i do forget how it feels to be in big family, in Christmas time.

Suprisingly, the Christmas eve dinner, we ate dinner with almost the same menu as my big family before. i did hold my tears, i felt so nostalgic. My big family, is no longer big family since most of them already pass away.

Some pics that i saved...

Unique bar... bar with sexy girls and small people do boxing, something i experience

Can you believe i jogged with this surrounding? its in University of Philippines, Los Banos

Not only Manila and Los Banos, We went to Vigan

Paoay Church in Laoag

The Juan Luna shrine

Very old restaurant / hotel in Vigan. With very spanish style interior 

The Patapat Bridge

Bangui's windmill~

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ayumi Hamasaki - A Nation 2014 #Throwback


A very late post. Again, as i wish to commit writing...then everything happened.
This time, i want to write about major fangirl moments. Well,i had so many major fangirl moment.

i am fangirl of lots of girls...i cannot deny anymore.
This time, its about a long long dream. its only a dream, that i never wish to pursue because i am afraid i never got it.

I am easily get depressed...again, something i cannot deny. So there was a lowest moment that i did cry whole night and thinking about the purpose of my life. Then in the mid of night, my bff from highschool call me mentioning that there's A Nation 2014 in Singapore with Ayumi Hamasaki.

Ayumi Hamasaki has been my patron, my idol, my almost everything since 2000. from 2000-2006 were long intense fangirl moment of her. As i grow up, i am bit neglected her, still never forget.

its sound crazy,but her news of that concert was really lit up my mood, lit up my motivations, something to thrift on.

so moving on on 18 October 2014

it is very surreal...to see her live.
bonus, not only Ayumi Hamasaki...but then there's M-Flo, Wagakki, Exile Generation, and other 2 musician also

Sttt... this is stolen pic hahahaha

M Flo and Ayumi Hamasaki

With the other indonesian troops...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Throwback 2014 - Belitung Island

According to this blog,last posting about my activity was Summer 2014.
Ok then, let me try to remember what have i done after almost past 1 year. Especially on traveling area.

So much going on in the year 2014. it was lovely year, i had a travel record that i went to 13 places in 12 months. i felt like a rockstar having concert tour ha ha ha

let me try to see what happened after Summer 2014, after Bali trip... ah! Belitung Island!
i went to Belitung Island around August 2014.
Went to Belitung with my bff, Nita & her family. i forgot for how long was the trip, but it was a lovely summer holiday.
I stayed on Aston Hotel Belitung. i remembered it was like Rp. 700.000-ish /night, but i have to admit, its very nice hotel, with best service, best view, and easy to reach everywhere. Also, since my friend was bringing toddler, so it must be child friendly also.

We took Sriwijaya Air for the plane...if i'm not wrong, its about Rp 1,2 million ish. As a city person...i never experience an airport that small, but its clean and safe hahaha.

The Belitung's airport was so small, i felt like when we arrive, the plane lane was like in Jurrasic Park's movie scene. ( Again, pardon me, as i'm st00pid city people)
Overall, what i like in Belitung. Nice and cheap food. Lovely beach, so tranquil, quite and lovely. Nice people! and nice food (yes i wrote again about food)

on Airplane...our code name : Keluarga Cemara HA HA HA HA

Tanjung Tinggi beach the transportation in here, was we rent a driver and car for 2-3days. There's no taxi or public transportation i believe (i dont know now) So we went to Tanjung Tinggi beach on afternoon. its a public beach, but that time, it was only several people, so we felt like private beach. There's hotel across the beach, Lorin Beach Resort.

Sunset on Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Snorkeling on Tanjung Tinggi Beach
The Famous Lighthouse

Island hopping

Another snorkeling days

What's inside the underwater. I have to admit, its not the best scene i ever see, but its still nice for snorkeling and swimming. The water in here is not as clear as east indonesia, but still relaxing. The water is realtively calm.

The infinity pool in Aston, Belitung

This is not a photoshop edit

Lost long blog

This blog...definitely like my long lost blog ha ha ha ha i still try to write okay~ Too much going on, too much distraction ha ha ha i'll still update this blog one by one

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Singapore - Malaysia - Bali 2014 (Summer Part 1)

So went to Singapore again, actually as supporting friend who did IVF Baby making in Singapore
ended up i became just tourist, and went to Johor Baru to visit Legoland

Ok...again i went to Marina Art & Science Museum
i saw Dinosaur exhibition and Annie Leibovits's photography work

i shed tears to see Annie's pic...its just beautiful art. Beautiful art that made my cry, i can understand the emotion within'

Then, i ate in Lotteria, mozarella bar in Duxton Hill... The best mac and cheese i ever had in this world...like seriously

Then manage to go to Johor Baru, Malaysia by tour to visit Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

two word....hot and dry hahahaha
i went to Legoland, just to collect the theme park i ever visit. Its was mediocre ok. Maybe if i were 7-10years old i'll be in paradise. i am avid lego player (in fact i still play lego till i was 17years old)
i went to Legoland with Lia. i tell ya, it is small theme park, i might can finished the games on 1/2 day, but it took longer because it was summer and its tooooooo hottttt.

i played not much games, because not much game to play (there's age restriction, and yes i am too old HAHA) but its cute...again, if u are lego's fans as i am...you will love it


back to bali....for surfing lesson. Thank you Vasco~~ my boss's hubby who is also surfer, and + - he made me wanna try surf. Its is hard.....but fun.

of course more than that i'll go around beaches in bali, shopping and eat! La Dolce Vita



In the middle of Duxton Hill

Sebastian Salgado's exhibition


One of Legoland's mini rollercoaster

Bali's Beach....beach....beach
Uluwatu Temple
Bali's Sunset
Surf Time!! With Discovery Surf